UNNYHOG Entertainment

indieDB and Insta UnnyWorld

We are happy to announce that our company and the upcoming game UnnyWorld have expanded to extra social networks.

We started a conversation with the community on instagram

and most importantly we created a page for the game and a group for the company on IndieDB.



New era of UnnyWorld


Hello, dear gamers! We finally found time to upgrade the design of UnnyWorld site.

Here it comes: unnyworld.com. Use it to sign up for the closed Beta test of our gesture based MMO game in a fantasy world!

There is also a dev blog, concerning this upcoming game: blog.unnyworld.com

On a weekly basis we also upload pic, videos and latest news here: UnnyWorld on facebook


The mystery of UnnyWorld

Howdy! As we promised you to deliver a new content of our upcoming game every week, today we are revealing the mystery of UnnyWorld on our blog http://en.blog.unnyworld.com/7/

Please, go there, like it, comment, share!