UNNYHOG Entertainment

Game Controllers

We are happy to announce, that pretty soon our game Dodge&Roll game will support Game Controllers. We've already implemented all functionality and new version will be available soon on AppStore. Enjoy your favorite game in the new way. You can cast all spells, move your snowball using game controller.


Dodge & Roll

Greetings! Our new game Dodge & Roll is now available in AppStore.

New game will tell you the story about small snowball. He is lost in the mystic world, and he is trying really hard to find the way out. During the game, you will meat a lot of different obstacles and enemies. Meanwhile your snowball will learn a lot of different spells, which can make his life easier.

There are two game modes : Campaign and Survival. But your main goal is to help snowball to find himself.

AppStore Link

GooglePlay Link


iCube for Android

Good Day.

We are glad to announce, that we've released our first Android game: iCube!

iCube is a 3 dimensional puzzle game. I believe that some of you had this toy in the childhood.

Now it's time to play it again, but on your mobile device.